What if…

…there is an education that could improve the way you communicate and your ability to make changes – in your life, in the lives of others or out in the world?

Welcome to Communicology

The Meta-Discipline for Communication & Change Work


After 20+ years of researching across branches, fields and disciplines, the Norwegian educators Jorunn Sjøbakken & Truls Fleiner collected, analysed and classified the knowledge. They developed a common language/terminology and toolbox, the key factors in communication and change work. They named this discipline Communicology.

The education in Communicology gives you the competence to create communication and change processes more effectively, efficiently and systemically.

What you learn

Get the competence to deliver quality change work by having the essential tools in your toolbox and knowing how to use them precisely

● Get a complimentary competence you can use instantly after starting the education without having to change everything you already do (all that you have learned and that you will do in the future falls into place)

Strengthen the competence in your field and get a better and more profound understanding about the keys which lead to quality performance

● Learn to work systemically by including mental, emotional,  physical and relational components in your change work process

● Learn how to improve, develop and deliver your own products by recognizing the quality components necessary for success 

● Learn how to create balance in your own life by becoming congruent in your beliefs and actions

● Get educated by the developers of a discipline who started their journey over 40 years ago, learn from their experience and become a real change agent for yourself and for others

● Avoid being overwhelmed by decisions on what certification/method/technique/approach to do next and learn the basics and the keys of successful change work

What others say

It has changed my life. Both in my role as I therapist and speaker, and in my private life. Today I have less thoughts, but a greater/bigger understanding for small and big systems. Words can’t explain how important communicology has been to me!

Jessica Ekman

Nurse, Therapist, Speaker

We are forever grateful for what Jorunn and Truls, and the discipline of Communicology has taught us. Communicology has had a strong influence in our growth as coaches and our development as human beings.

Pia Nilsson & Lynn Marriot

Golf Professionals, Co-Founders VISION54

The education in Communicology has totally changed our organization in many ways. We now use it as a core platform for our entire business and all of our activities and communication.

Anders Krokfoss

CEO/Partner, Funksjonellmedisinsk Institutt AS

I liked what it did to me: The knowledge which got 100% integrated in my system, organized my brain and me as a person completely new. 

Shirin Hornecker

Peak Performance Coach


The fairly new discipline Communicology builds upon a long and generally recognized academic tradition: The studies of social sciences like sociology, psychology, pedagogy, biology etc. and the communication-tradition in general including systemic thinking.
Inspired by the interaction studies of Gregory Bateson and the Palo Alto-group in particular in the 1950`s, Jorunn Sjøbakken & Truls Fleiner researched, analysed and compared the social sciences, various methods, studies of other practitioners, research papers and theories. They summarized the material into a manageable and functional package identifying the master keys in communication and change. Over 20 years a new discipline emerged. They gave this discipline a name: Communicology.


The Communicology education is designed to provide students with a portable and useable competence in change work and communication.

The ambition of the founders was to create an education program which would not only give graduates knowledge but, more importantly, the ability to put this knowledge into use immediately.

Communicology is…

…the study of the structure and dynamics of communication and change, when all experience and behaviour is defined as communication.“ (Fleiner & Sjøbakken 1995/2001)

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