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During the last 20+ years, over 1000 Communicologists were certified in Scandinavia, with all sorts of backgrounds and professions such as lawyers, health practitioners, managers, nurses, employees, coaches, teachers, therapists, consultants, CEOs, medical doctors etc. Here are some testimonials.

In 2012 Jorunn Sjøbakken & Truls Fleiner started the International Program in Vienna to spread the education in Europe and around the Globe.


We are forever grateful for what Jorunn and Truls, and the discipline of Communicology has taught us. Communicology has had a strong influence in our growth as coaches and our development as human beings. Pia Nilsson & Lynn Marriott

Co-Founders , VISION54

What I liked about the education was the variation of activities in the program and how they all contribute to a competence that is very usable and allows me to better understand my earlier competencies in a new light. Martin Fransson

Doctor of Chiropractic

It has changed my life. Both in my role as a therapist and speaker, and in my private life. Today I have less thoughts, but a greater/bigger understanding for small and big systems. Words can’t explain how important Communicology has been to me! Communicology should be mandatory in school and offered to everyone all over the world. The education changed my life and I don’t know a single one who finished the education who doesn’t agree.

Jessica Ekman

Nurse, Therapist, Speaker

 The competence plays a huge role in my life. I use and will continue to use and integrate it everyday both in my personal and in my professional life. I experienced a lot of changes. For example I get feedback regarding my communication skills, that I speak clearly and directly whether I´m speaking to someone in person, in front of a group on the phone or via email. Ewa Jonason

Educator, Consultant

A very valuable knowledge that more people would benefit from if they just gave themselves the chance to acquire the knowledge. Peter Josefsson

propositum communication consultancy

It’s very hard to put into words just how valuable Communicology has been and is to me. I’d recommend it to anyone without hesitation. I’ve become a better friend, son, partner and coworker –  in short, a better version of myself. Christian Haug

Technical adviser at Oslo Metropolitan University

I like that it is based on training and the possibility to achieve a new competence without reading lots of books. I like the fact that the competence is useful in every part of live and I use it a lot in my work as a consultant for leaders in Norwegian municipality’s. Hanne Kjensli


My ability in self evaluation have increased and also nowadays I do it much more faster and more precise. I am also more flexible and stabile. Rickard Karlsson


Right from the first module I knew that this was exactly what I was looking for. I like that this was not another method stuffing my head full but rather a solution to sort my head to make everything clear. All the previous knowledge found its place, it was like the education built a few shelves in my brain where I could sort everything in that I knew from before…and now everything new I read or hear about I have the ability to really understand what it consists of, and it finds it corresponding shelf spot. In addition, I liked what it did to me. The knowledge which got 100% integrated in my system, organized my brain and me as a person completely new.  Shirin Hornecker

Peak Performance Coach

The education in Communicology has totally changed our organization in many ways. Personally, as an organization and our products and services. We now have a common platform of understanding and share a common language. Which is extremely important both internally and with our customers. We now use Communicology as a core platform for our entire business and all of our activities and communication. Anders Krokfoss

CEO/Partner, Funksjonellmedisinsk Institutt AS

The main benefits of the education for me were getting an understanding about the bits and pieces of communication and how it all played together, and use this to make better decisions when interacting with other people (or my internal communication). I feel I have a good foundation to analyze (to “filter”) behavior in human communication – to understand the matrix in the situation and people I observe or interact with. As practical “hands on” applicability I believe the competence has given me a better way to execute my leadership in a better way.

Ole Haslestad

Entrepreneur, Therapist

All that I learnt in the education I could put into use straight away. The way the information is presented makes the the learning process easy, practical and really enjoyable. I also learnt a lot about myself through the way of learning that the education promotes, this made it easy for me to transfer this knowledge into my personal and professional lifeI feel that this education started a process within me that caused changes in the way I perform, without me consciously  making any changes. I started out, to be able to help my clients and ended up being able to help me! Lee Peregrine

Golf Coach

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