About The Program

The education is designed to provide students with a competence in communication and change work.

The ambition of the founders was to create an educational program which would not only give graduates knowledge, but more importantly the ability to immediately put this knowledge into use to deliver successful change work.

The program is based on a minimum of 10 modules and has 3 qualification levels: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.  The individual modules take 6 days, a total of 50 hours of training, and they are each designed as independent intensive trainings, dealing with a particular area of competence.

The training involves all your senses, learning by using not only your ears and eyes but by also using feel.

The combination of interactive teaching, working in groups, personal experiences, physical movement and practical application creates an intense and systemic learning experience.


This education provides a high level of competence, how?



in the structure, organisation and content plan of the modules make the learning experience extremely efficient.

Personal Development

is at the core of this education, it promotes a continuous process of self-development, cooperation and management training among the students.


of the knowledge and tools from each module can be done immediately leading to plenty of practical experience in everyday situations.


of the information and tools learnt multiplies their effectivity.  This means that the material to be learnt can be reduced to an essential minimum, and students can then integrate, this in practical situations, creating a multitude of possibilities to act.

“It’s very hard to put into words just how valuable Communicology has been and is to me. I’d recommend it to anyone without hesitation. I’ve become a better friend, son, partner and coworker –  in short, a better version of myself.” Christian Haug, Oslo Metropolitan University

Program Overview


Four modules (4 weeks of 50 hours each) are required for the Basic Level, a total of 200 hours of training.  These are the information gathering, knowledge development modules, the foundations of the discipline.


The intermediate level is Basic level + 2 Integration Modules (2 weeks of 50 hours each), a total of 300 hours of training. The education from here on, is about integration, combining the knowledge and tools from the basic levels to become more effective in specific areas. 


The advanced level is Basic level (200 hrs) + Intermediate level (100 hrs) + 4 Advanced modules. This brings the total education time to a minimum of 500 hours of training.  These modules can be attended in any order.
At this, the „Meta Level“, self-evaluation is implemented as a continuous process. A student on this level must meet high standards of excellence in the quality of their practical decision making, their understanding of the discipline and their personal integrity.

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